• The Who
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    We’re a bunch of regular guys from diverse walks of life, each one distinct in character, thought and interests. How we work as a team is a miracle! Could be the fact that we’ve one thing in common – the lead man, Sanjeev Mukhijia. With 17 years under his belt in the retail, garment manufacture and export business, he is the founder of Golden Seams Industries Pvt. Ltd. Sanjeev is a man driven to push things to the next level by making taboo, the mundane, safe and regular. That’s what fuels the team, that’s what fuels Breakbounce. We’re geared to hit the international scene with street fashion and that’s where we’re headed.
  • The What & How
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    Fashion is everywhere. But Breakbounce revolutionized street fashion in India by being the first ones to introduce it to this country. To inspire and revive a culture that gave the world originals who came from the streets. Originals, who became legends in the fields of music, art, film, you name it. Inspired by Dutch craftsmanship and European street fashion nuances, our gear is distinct with its quirky street inspired spunk, details, cuts and sews. Joggers, denims, shorts, are about stating, loud and clear personal statements, idiosyncrasies, creativity. It’s gear you can go out in, play in or just hang with the boys in. We’re a tad bit loony, yep, but that’s what the streets are all about.
  • Behind the Seams
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    Breakbounce /brākbouns/ (b.)

    Breakbounce is not this or that. Not black nor white. There may be 50 shades of grey, but Breakbounce is not one. Colours that talk. Yet, with a quiet confidence. Relaxed fits that maintain a sharp look. Breakbounce is introducing street-wear;

    so brace yourself, because this is who we are, this is what we do.

    And we’re only getting started.
  • What the
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    Funk is in all of us. It is what drives us, what sets us apart, what builds us.

    So keep life interesting, be spontaneous or quite simply – GET THE FUNK OUT.

    Go trekking. Learn a new language. Write. Sing. Make a Vlog. Meet new people. Travel. You don’t have to go far, you just have to go somewhere.
  • SS'13
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    Breakbounce spring summer collection is all about quirky personal statements and individualism. This time around Breakbounce has pushed the envelope in terms of playing with colours, from bright neon shades to even more coloured chinos and pattern print shorts. The biggest highlight this season however is the launch of the two international style sensations – Horseshoe Fit & Drop Crotch Chinos. This summer is all about experimenting.